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I'm Devastated R.I.P.

February 21, 2014

My mom Beverly on the left and her sister my aunt Mabel

After two very successful shows in London, England - I had about three hours to get to the airport to make my aunt Mabel's funeral in Los Angeles, California. She'd just passed away after many years in a coma.

On my way to the airport I started to physically feel horrible. But I've had more than a three year battle with an extremely aggressive cancer and it's aftermath, so feeling horrible is no big deal.

I've never missed anything that I'd promised to do in the past three years plus... including tweeting whilst an episode of a TV show called UnSung was being broadcast a few hours after my UK shows.

The show talked about my family life, but mainly focused on my band that I co-founded with Bernard Edwards, CHIC. Ironically, while the show was being broadcast I was starting to physically get sicker and sicker, though the show was spiritually very uplifting for me.

By the time I'd reached the airport I was too weak to make the two-day, 22 hour flying-time journey, back and fourth to Los Angeles for her funeral.

I always try and put on a happy face because it's helpful for me to have a positive attitude. I even tried to write this blog when I returned from the airport but I was too sick and weak. I'm now bedridden. My life has massive ups and downs and I have to just ride the roller coaster.

Dear Aunt Mabel, I love you with all my heart and we've never not been there for each other. I'm Devastated R.I.P.


I had a very successful Brit Awards performance with uber talent and Daft Punk Collaborator Pharrell Williams

Pop superstar Kylie Minogue and cancer survivor rehearsing with CHIC for my 2nd show of the night

I always try and put on a happy face which wasn't to difficult standing with the stunning, super-talented Laura Mvula

CLICK to watch the full episode of UNSUNG: Nile Rodgers & CHIC