Monday, January 21, 2019

Sumthing Else Musicworks



a boutique national distribution company and record label
- now innovative leaders in the new genre of Video Game Soundtracks.

In 1998, Nile Rodgers started Sumthing Distribution as a nationwide record distributor and creative outlet for independent artists and record labels. The company prides itself on it's ability to permeate the marketplace with many innovative independent projects.

The first record to make it's way into Sumthing Distribution's system was David Lee Roth's solo album Slam Dunk . Followed by a variety of music from Ivan Neville, Willie Clayton, Deborah Gibson, Strangefolk and DJ Icey .

Nile's philosophy of artist driven music coupled with his appreciation of new music concepts and products made Sumthing the appropriate choice when Microsoft Studios were searching for a partner to distribute and launch their series of Video Game Soundtracks. In May 2002 Sumthing and Microsoft released the soundtrack to Halo: Combat Evolved. Halo was met with rave reviews and exceptional sales, which ultimately opened the door to numerous game soundtracks to follow.

Sumthing Distribution is a full-service distribution company with an account base that encompasses all major national and regional accounts both retail and wholesale. Responsibilities to our distributed labels include all sales and customer service functions, including assisting in implementing your marketing plans. We also handle all billing and collection, promotion consultation, returns processing, credits, advertising, and placement of radio and print buys. We offer independent record companies the luxury of being able to concentrate on the artistic and creative end of the music business. Our sales and marketing plans are especially tailored to maximize the potential of each individual release.

If you don't stand for SUMTHING, you'll fall for anything.


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