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The King of Punk Funk

February 3, 2012

1983 Photo with David Bowie, Coco Schwab, me and Rick James (by Lynn Goldsmith)

I have a great life, not only because I get to work with special people but because I'm still breathing. As hard as I used to drug and party, that's a miracle. Many wonderful artists have left my world too quickly. Most of these people were complicated, but all of them were gifted.

One of those people was Rick James. Rick was one of the few dudes who could keep up with me. We partied many nights but we only made music together live. Once, we played at Giant Stadium in front of seventy-thousand people. We jammed hard on some funk and brought the crowd to a frenzy. He was complicated but was always cool with me.

Rick's birthday came and went with little fanfare because it was the same day that Don Cornelius died. Here is a very rare 1983 photo just sent to me by photographer Lynn Goldsmith. Since we're in dinner jackets it must be some award ceremony. It features David Bowie, Coco Schwab, and me hanging with Rick James. Belated Happy Birthday to The King of Punk Funk.

"Give It To Me Baby" by Rick James, The King of Punk Funk


Me and Rick James right before we turned out Giant Stadium

Me and Rick James

Rick James!

Rick James and Grace Jones - Two of my favorite artists and party people

Rick James at the piano - The King of Punk Funk