Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Today, I'm All Over the Map

January 19, 2012

Today, I found this old photo with my hair in Jheri curls interesting

Since being attacked by cancer last year I appreciate things in this world a little more. I started this blog to help me maintain my sanity because cancer made me think insane thoughts. Sometimes there's no intellectual rhyme or reason why I find something interesting - other times, I can explain it like a scholar. Today, I'm All Over the Map.

Today, I found daybreak from my bedroom balcony interesting

I only slept two hours last night and found sun up in my bedroom interesting

I found Debbie Harry in the Power Station with me and Bernard interesting

Today, I found CHIC on "All My Children" with Darnell Williams interesting

Today, I found Steve Winwood and me with Christopher Max, Kim Sledge, and Slash in background interesting

I found this shot of Gene Ray, Mike Tyson, Billy Squire and Julian Lennon at the China Club interesting

Today, I found this cover of me with Guitarman plexi-Strat interesting

Today, I found me and Alfa performing with CHIC interesting