Tuesday, April 23, 2024

A Massive Playlist In My Head

Today I visualized doing more concerts than I've done in any year since we'd formed CHIC

One year ago, I was recovering from surgery to remove an aggressive cancer. To give myself a goal, I focused on my former partner Bernard Edwards. I had four months to get into shape to perform in Japan for the fifteenth anniversary of his death.

Today in Turks and Caicos, I'm also focusing on a goal for the next year. Not only will I go to Japan, Australia, and Europe - I'll do more concerts than I've ever done in any year since we formed CHIC.

Though I live one day at a time, I always have a larger plan in mind. At various times throughout the day I visualized what my next round of live shows would be like. Just like in today's Legacy Rewind feature there's A Massive Playlist in My Head.


While taking this picture, "Lost In Music" by Sister Sledge was added to My Playlist

"Dream on Black Boy" - Imagining singing the lyrics of "Original Sin" by INXS. I produced this international hit and want to do this in Australia

More CHIC, Bowie and even a Duran medley might get added to the show

I'm even going to do "My Feet Keep Dancing" as a backup encore

Thank you very much. We're going to expand the show because I've got A Massive Playlist In My Head



A Funky German Walk

After I was diagnosed with aggressive cancer last year the doctors started me walking to keep up my strength. I hit the streets of Bremen early in the morning. The weather was uncommonly nice. It's just a few weeks before winter but it feels like the beginning of autumn.

I never take a music player on my daily walks because I have a massive playlists embedded deep inside my cerebral cortex. The sights and situations inspire the appropriate soundtrack to accompany me.