Tuesday, March 05, 2024

Once Is Not Enough

At the Westport train station going to see "Once"

Last night I went to New York's East Village see a show called "Once". It's based on the Academy Award winning film "Once". A musician in the show is my old friend Rob Preuss.

Rob used to be the Music Director of Mama Mia and he also used to be in a Canadian band I produced called Spoons. While doing the Spoons in Toronto, I met the band INXS and produced "Original Sin." Rob and I have been friends ever since.

"Once" is supposed to be amazing but I never saw the show because last night was the one time it got cancelled. The show's lead "Guy" had gotten sick. I took a one hundred-twenty mile round trip from Connecticut to an empty set. The show's moving to Broadway and I'll attempt to see it again. Once Is Not Enough.

Spoons "Tell No Lies" - Produced by Nile Rodgers

INXS "Original Sin" - Produced by Nile Rodgers


The show called "Once"

"Mama Mia" on Broadway

The cover of the Spoons album I did

INXS "Original Sin"

The empty set of "Once"

The film called "Once" Is Not Enough

It's about sixty miles from my house to Astor Place

And another sixty miles back to Westport, CT

Rob Preuss back in the day - he's on the Yamaha DX7 Keyboard on the right