Thursday, May 23, 2024

The Best Things In Life

"Coming to America"

Every year around Christmas season something extraordinary always seems to happen to me. Last year I was attacked by aggressive prostate cancer. The pathology lab results were pointing towards an uncertain future. It was pretty bad but I seem to be slowly recovering.

This Christmas, one of my big surprises came from film director John Landis. He's the man who did Michael Jackson's amazing long-form video for the song "Thriller." He's also done a number of successful groundbreaking films, one of which was Eddie Murphy's Coming to America, a film that I scored. John sent me a gift that really knocked me off my feet - a poster advertising Sexual Chocolate featuring Mr. Randy Watson, the hilarious inept artist that performed a song in the film.

If that weren't enough, I accidentally stumbled upon an old cassette tape that I've not heard since 1987. It was the tape that I made while conducting the orchestra when I was recording the score. I can't tell you how shocked I was to find this tape on the same day that I opened John Landis' gift.

They say, "The Best Things in Life are free!" True. The way I see it love, people, music, art and life itself are The Best Things in Life.

Here is "The King's Motorcade" which is a little different than it appears in the film because I wrote it to the original edit


Framed Sexual Chocolate poster

Back of Sexual Chocolate poster