Saturday, March 02, 2024

Because I Love It


Walking on Planet C

Because I Love It

I really love capturing the things I see in life with my cameras

The last twenty-four hours of my life were very exciting. I dined with legendary music mogul Chris Blackwell. He was the founder of Island Records. Not only did he introduce the world to an unlimited string of mega artists, he also happened to own the hotel that I was holed up in during my last drug binge. He enjoyed the details of my Rock & Roll war story. I laughed at the end and said, "You can read about it in detail in my memoir Le Freak."

I also did a New York Music Theatre Festival/Recording Academy event called "Pop Rocks the Theatre". It was a great success and all the people on the panel were fantastic. They were Desmond Child, myself, Suzanne Vega, Duncan Sheik, Andrés Levin and Brian Yorkey. I got into the musical business when I was contracted to compose Double Time. I took the job because I wanted the challenge - now it's Because I Love It.


Chris Blackwell

Desmond Child, me, Suzanne Vega, Duncan Sheik & Brian Yorkey

Brian Yorkey, Duncan Sheik, Andres Levin, and me - Some of the panel at New York Music Theater Festival

Desmond Child, Suzanne Vega, and me

Folks milling around onstage after the panel

Actors rehearsing the songs from the musical Double Time



"Start Again" from Double Time - by Nile Rodgers