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Some Talented People

April 29, 2013

I get to pack so much life into a day - taking in the sunset at Santa Monica Beach

My mind and body only require a few hours sleep a night to function at full capacity. The greatest benefit I receive from this natural quirk, is I get to pack so much life into a day.

When cancer viciously attacked my body a little over two years ago, I decided to consciously live my life to the fullest because I couldn't control the outcome of the medical treatment. It was also the best component could add to my therapy.

I never give medical advice because as my doctors said to me "Treatments and outcomes are so personal you must live or die with your own decisions." So I decided to create as much music and live as much life as I could in what ever time I have left on this planet.

It's approaching check up time and I always get nervous walking into the great unknown. Cancer has come after me once but failed to take me out. Statistically speaking, it's trying to figure out another way to get me. It's a persistant predator.

But the creative juices are flowing and that keeps me going. So for today, I'm working on many projects with Some Talented People.


Cancer viciously attacked my body a little over two years ago

The wonderfully talented Prince backed group King, who sang on a funky song Avicii and I had kicked out

The uber talented Adam Lambert studying the lyrics before singing the soundproofing off the walls

Mega talents James Newton Howard (composer), Will Smith and me on the scoring stage at Sony Pictures

The talented producer Arthur Baker, the one and only Taylor Dayne and me

The multi-talented musician and good friend, American Idol's Russell Graham in the studio with me & Avicii

My Hitmaker Guitar and the talented Avicii, who's an absolute beast of a songwriting partner

Me on the insanely talented Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" set