Friday, December 01, 2023

Since My Last Blog

March 11, 2013

Laughing on stage somewhere in Germany

Since My Last Blog, I've traveled to California and Germany twice, as well as Switzerland. I've been doing concerts and films in all those locations. I've had countless meetings, texts, DM's, IM's, emails, photo sessions, interviews and phone calls with everybody from Diana Ross to Daft Punk, but not one call from my doctors - which is a very good thing. Despite the most grueling schedule of my life, my health seems to be improving.

Writing instructors always say, "When telling a story, show it, don't tell it." I'm literally going to show you what my life's looked like somewhere in all those locations Since My Last Blog.


Somewhere in Germany telling the Aw Fu** Off! story

Me in a classic black Tom Ford Gucci suit somewhere in Switzerland

Showing me & Jerry with funk faces somewhere in Germany

Somewhere in Germany we're playing the middle instrumental break in "Le Freak"

Folami singing "I'm Coming Out" somewhere in Germany

Kim singing "I Want Your Love" somewhere in Germany

Me snapping a girl's picture somewhere in Germany

Bill and Don playing somewhere on this tour

Playing "CHIC Cheer" intro somewhere in Germany

Selan singing "Good Times" somewhere in Germany or Switzerland

Grabbing a quick photo after a concert somewhere in Europe

Ralph "Drum" Rolle about to stomp on "Let's Dance" somewhere in Europe

Kim being fierce somewhere in Germany

Shooting with a TV crew somewhere in Germany


Me & Folami definitely in Hannover, Germany

In flight somewhere between NY, Germany, California or Switzerland

Rich singing "Good Times" somewhere in Germany or Switzerland

Folami singing "Spacer" somewhere in Germany

On the tour bus somewhere in Germany

Me with a camera on my Hitmaker, jamming with Jerry somewhere in Germany

Our amazing monitor mixer Marco somewhere in Europe

Kim in gold somewhere in Germany

Folami singing "I'm Coming Out" somewhere in Germany

Somewhere in the middle of that crowd is our brilliant front of house sound-man John Ryan!