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A Magical Night

January 25, 2013

I'm physically in Rome, but I'm mentally in full gala mode

I'm in Rome right now with the CHIC girls doing a TV show for RAI, but as some of you have seen, I am in full Gala mode.

My foundation, the We Are Family Foundation, holds a yearly Celebration Gala and we honor very special people that do great things for others. We've honored Quincy Jones, Dr. Maya Angelou, Paul Simon, Sir Elton John and many others in the past years.

This year, we're excited to honor Dr. Jeni Stepanek, Ph.D., Daniel H. Stern and Adam Lambert. It's going to be a great night, followed by a concert with my band CHIC and Adam, and some very special guests.

Probably the coolest thing about my work with Adam Lambert is that it was born right in front of everyone. It was early last year that Adam and Sam Sparro were working on a track together, and tweeted how cool it would be to have me play guitar on it. A few fan re-tweets later and the 3 of us were talking about how to make it happen, and it did.

Two weeks ago, my foundation and I announced that we would be honoring Adam Lambert, and that we'd be performing together. Now we're confirming Sam Sparro to the show, and yes… we will most certainly be performing "Shady" together live, for the first time ever.

This was already a pretty unique event, and even more-so now. I am truly humbled and thankful for how this gala has evolved from a cancelled event (due to Hurricane Sandy) to what promises to be a most memorable experience.

For those of you that can make it, we're going to have A Magical Night!


Grammy nominated singer/songwriter, producer and man of style Sam Sparro

First tweet from Sam to me about working together on what became "Shady"