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American Idols!

January 18, 2013

Unity Award Honoree Adam Lambert - My band CHIC and I will be performing "Shady" and other songs with him

When I woke up this morning I was hit with a powerful thought: cherish this moment because I don't know what the rest of the day's going to be like. I walked outside, sniffed the crisp ocean air, then started my typically hectic day: answered emails from Fender Guitars, Irvine Welsh, Avicii, The Grammys (my label Sumthing has the 1st video game soundtrack ever nominated), Anita Baker, Simian Mobile Disco, and one of the funniest dudes on the planet Russell Peters. I took my medication - some of you may not know that I've had an aggressive battle with cancer - then I wolfed down breakfast.

When I say, "I don't take life for granted," it's not hyperbole. Death has jumped on and off me like "Fire jumps off Jim Brown." ~Richard Pryor

I celebrate life every day and today I had good reason to celebrate. My charity the We Are Family Foundation announced many of the artists for our upcoming gala. This year's gala has suffered many setbacks - from Hurricane Sandy, venue rescheduling problems, to a number of unforeseen deaths of close friends.

Our modus operandi is: we try and give the most with whatever resources are available to us. As I was counting my blessings I recognized our greatest resources are our people. They give when they don't have to which never ceases to amaze me. Some of this year's amazing people are our Unity Award Honoree Adam Lambert (who came to international prominence on the highly rated TV show American Idol), Taylor Dayne, Kathy Sledge (the voice of the song We Are Family), Grandmaster Melle Mel, Anita Baker, CHIC and uber comedian, MC, and turntablelist Russell Peters, guaranteeing yet another incredible show after eleven years.

The great many people who selflessly help us in our mission to try and help make this world a little better for those that don't have it as well as some of us are my American Idols! (Well Russell is Canadian)


Fender Artists Signature Models soon my name will be on the list

#01 Fender Strat Hitmaker '59 SN 59019

Touré and Rosie Perez - We Are Family Gala Celebration v2.0 Hosts

Russell Peters is funny as hell and a serious music aficionado and serious dj

Richard Pryor who told us, "Fire jumps off Jim Brown."

The building of one of our We Are Family Foundation schools - Our greatest resources are our people

Me playing guitar on "Shady" with Adam Lambert who's a truly great person

The outstanding Taylor Dayne & me at Montreux Jazz CEO Claude Nobs RIP chalet

Hip Hop Pioneer Grandmaster Melle Mel

We Are Family - I consider this my all time best pound for pound album

People selflessly help us-2011 TEDxTeen host Toure-This program has more than 2 million views

Me and Anita Baker with CHIC at the WAFF gala in November 2011

Last Year's Gala Finale "We Are Family"