Monday, July 22, 2024

Friends of CHIC

Walking on Planet C

Friends of CHIC

Friends of CHIC in London

Quickly after finishing a gig in Manchester UK, my fellow CHICsters and I were on a plane to Spain. What an incredible week of shows and book touring for my memoir, "Le Freak".

Thank you for being so great to us. Here are a few video highlights of the past few days, taken by you - the Friends of CHIC.


"Dance, Dance, Dance" by afarquhar1962

"Le Freak" in Avo Session Basel by jasiassi

Talking about and playing "Let's Dance" by ursamyn0r

"Spacer" by themebo220

"Le Freak" Stage Invasion! by g0ldt00th



"Good Times" LIVE - Avo Session Basel