Sunday, July 21, 2024

WOPC: The Original CHIC Organization

Walking on Planet C

The Original CHIC Organization

Co-writer and producer of CHIC's first single, "Dance, Dance, Dance," Kenny Lehman came to Le Crib today

Kenny Lehman, co-writer and producer of CHIC's first single "Dance, Dance, Dance," came to Le Crib today. He brought over a VHS copy of my band before we became CHIC.

It's amazing that he actually had a video tape recording from 1975. Unfortunately, I can't have it in today's blog because I'm having it digitized. I promise to bring it to you within the next few days.

Today I'll play "Dance, Dance, Dance" by The Original CHIC Organization.


The Full Early CHIC Organization - R.I.P. Luther Vandross, Raymond Jones, Bernard Edwards & Tony Thompson

Ooh! Look! An old VHS tape


CHIC performing "Dance, Dance, Dance" on American Bandstand