Monday, July 22, 2024

Very Good Times

Q-Tip, me and GZA at rehearsal for my We Are Family Foundation charity

Very Good Times are on the horizon. Soon, Fender Guitars will make an announcement that I am working on a project involving the Hitmaker and Fender. There are lots of ideas being talked about, and we will be able to reveal those as soon as they are solidified.

We are collaborating to make sure that this project reflects the importance and historical value of the Hitmaker in every way, and that players and collectors can all share in this experience.

I wish I could say more. You know that I'm always straight up with you guys. I give you my word that the project's going to be very cool and it concerns my most versatile guitar.

That's the most I can say about the project now but these are Very Good Times.


Rehearsing "Good Times / Rapper's Delight" with Q-Tip and GZA


Rehearsing w GZA and Q-Tip

CHIC w Q-Tip and GZA in a rare performance together which brought the house down

Nile Rodgers Hitmaker Tour Jacket

The Hitmaker is the most versatile guitar I've ever played