Monday, July 22, 2024


Me and The Hitmaker

I'm feverishly working on many different projects - and the one thing that connects them is my guitar playing - and my favorite guitar. It's nicknamed The Hitmaker because it's played on countless hit records. It's not the only guitar I use, but it is the one I use the most.

It has a very unique sound and feel. It has a certain brightness which allows it to cut through most frequencies, even at a low volume. It's so distinctive, that when I play on a recording, The Hitmaker often becomes a second voice. It's these qualities that have bonded me to this guitar from the moment I bought it thirty-five years ago.

I've tried to find the earliest photographs of me with The Hitmaker up to the latest - to show my Loyalty.


'Nard and Nile early Hitmaker circa 1977

The Hitmaker in Studio A at the Power Station, where it played on the famed studio's first recording, CHIC, in 1977

Cover of Melody Maker in '81

Performing with my Hitmaker Strat on TV show All My Children in '82

Here I'm playing The Hitmaker at Bernard Edwards' final show in '96

Me, The Hitmaker, and Seal - It played on his hit song "Fly Like An Eagle"

Playing The Hitmaker with Elton John

Me and The Hitmaker recording with Adam Lambert

The Hitmaker and me are a loyal team