Monday, July 22, 2024

Seen For The First Time

April 30, 2012

Most of these pictures you're seeing for the first time

A few months ago I played on a funky Adam Lambert track called "Shady." Typically, I photograph what goes on in my daily life after being attacked by aggressive cancer last year.

Since I can't photograph and play guitar at the same time, my guitar tech Terry shoots when I'm playing. He wanted to be respectful of Adam since it was his first time meeting him, so he took these shots as discreetly as possible. Most of them are being Seen For the First Time.


My guitar tech Terry with "The Hitmaker" guitar

Me and Adam during the "Shady" session

Me and Adam having a laugh between takes

@AdamLambert tweeting fans while we wait for the beat to drop

Me and Adam Lambert in a tight shot

Me and Adam in Studio A

Me, The Hitmaker (my guitar), and my engineer Rich recording "Shady" in the very room whose maiden record was CHIC's first album