Thursday, June 13, 2024

Happy Halloween


Walking on Planet C

Happy Halloween

Picture of me in my first Halloween costume

This is a picture of me in my first Halloween costume. I was seven years old. Life was pretty scary back then and I talk about it in my memoir "Le Freak." Last year around Halloween, I was diagnosed with very aggressive cancer.

Shortly after that I had a neurological incident which caused extreme loss of muscle strength in my right hand. I'm not sure if they're related and I haven't fully recovered.

Halloween was pretty cool when I became friends with my long-time partner, Bernard Edwards, because his birthday was Halloween and we'd always party a lot. But I lost him way too young, and that's also pretty scary.

Today I'm undergoing a series of tests down in Baltimore, Maryland at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Life can still be pretty scary. Happy Birthday Bernard and to all of you, Boo! Happy Halloween.


Happy Birthday 'Nard

Boo! Happy Halloween


Michael Jackson - "Thriller"