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Every Emotion

April 12, 2012

Me & Nard April '96 at the Budokan - Bernard's Final Show

Next week I'll head to Japan. I'll be performing at the Blue Note Tokyo. I go there every April to honor the death of my long time partner Bernard Edwards. We did our final show together in April 1996 in Tokyo.

The following documentary has the last footage of Bernard, hours before his death. The film starts with the Lennon/McCartney song "Let It Be," which was their final collaboration and symbolic of my final collaboration with Bernard.

Eighteen months ago I was attacked by very aggressive cancer - it caused me to take another look at my life - and the life of my former partner. When I last posted this, I'd experienced two incidents of déjà vu.

Last night I had a powerful dream about Bernard and I thought I should repost this film. It was a TV special produced by Br@in for WOWOW, that focuses on my life and Bernard's death in Japan. Please watch it. It's in Japanese and English. You may not understand Every word, but you'll understand Every Emotion.


Documentary: Nile Rodgers
Duration: 43:45
Format: NTSC 16:9


This journalist interviewed me and Bernard the day before he died

The Yoshida Brothers (Shamisen virtuosos) and me last year

Me and Pop Star / Voice Actress Aya Hirano backstage at Tokyo Blue Note

CHIC Live on Sukkiri Japanese TV last April

Honoring my former partner Bernard Edwards' death in Tokyo last April