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I Will Show You What Happened

April 11, 2012

Me and actor extraordinaire Delroy Lindo was in the house

Last night I did Master Class for the Songwriters Hall Of Fame. It was fantastic. It took place at New York University and it was a full house. The people were amazing. I signed books and took pictures late into the night.

I missed my train but I didn't want to miss my blog post time of 4:50 am EDT. I didn't have enough time to write an in depth article but here's a bunch of photos and I Will Show You What Happened.


The beginning of the Master Class

The Master Session Series of the Songwriters Hall of Fame

Playing for the Master Session

Songwriter-in-residence at NYU Phil Galdston and me demonstrating the meaning of the lyrics of Diana Ross' "Im Coming Out"

Master Session's host Phil Galdston and me musing over a songwriting concept

Photo with attendee

Photo with attendee

Photo with attendee

Photo with attendee

Photo with attendee

People in the lobby for signing

Me and Phil thanking the attendees

Explaining DHM (Deep Hidden Meaning) in songs