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The Best People, Places and Things in My Life

April 10, 2012

Le Crib backyard in an Original CHIC '80 Grand Tour t-shirt - It was given to me by my former roadie, Bruce Levine

I've gotten some big surprises over the last few days. It's hard to explain just how much these things mean to me - but I'll try. Think of it as finding a long lost relative and buried treasure combined. Like something you've known, that also feels brand new. I'm truly thankful to have these beautiful gifts. They feel invaluable to me.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the value of an artifact is what the buyer is willing to pay. I'm not sure what I would have paid if I'd found these gifts in a shop but they were given to me by former employees. In America we have a saying, "The best things in life are free." These few simple gifts remind me of some of The Best People, Places and Things in My Life.


My ex-roadie Stephen Powers gave me a '79 CHIC Tour Jacket. I can still fit in it

Bernard and me at the airport looking like Blaxploitation movie cops - PRICELESS!

Me and Luci Martin on stage

Here's a 1979 Iowa State Fair ticket for a CHIC concert. Check out the ticket price

Some of my original charts the Bruce Levine brought back to me

A picture from a '79 UK Tour Book that Bruce gave me

The front cover of a '79 UK Tour Book

Picture from '79 UK Tour Book that my ex-roadie Bruce gave me

"The Best Things in Life Are Free" - Bruce gave this 30+ year old CHIC t-shirt to me last week