Thursday, July 25, 2024

A Few Random Photos

April 4, 2012

Meryl Streep and me - She sang great at Carnegie Hall last night

Last night was epic. I love performing at the Rainforest concerts. It's a terrific event and I say bravo to Sting and Trudie for another great night. There are always plenty of interesting people at the show, not only the participants but some of the folks who come to hang out. I've been around stars all my life, even before I became a professional musician, but I must admit I was pretty impressed when President Clinton rolled in.

This year's artists were all very good and the show had something for everybody, an opera superstar, fantastic dancing, and Meryl Streep singing very difficult songs that she nailed. Here are just A Few Random Photos.


The one and only Esperanza Spalding and me

Jared Scharff (SNL's guitarist), me and Will Lee (David Letterman's bassist)

Tom Hanks and me at yet another concert - This time his wife Rita Wilson was performing, too

Rita Wilson and me - I had no idea that she sang and she's a friend - You find out something new everyday

My guitar that I traditionally get all the performers to sign, because this exact group will probably never get together again

James Taylor, Meryl Streep, Sir Elton John and Sting about to come out and perform as the characters from The Wizard of Oz

My Rainforest Backstage Pass from 2004 with another signed guitar

My 2010 Rainforest backup guitar