Sunday, December 03, 2023

The Luckiest Man On Earth

March 30, 2012

Even with all of the physical, technical, and logistical hardships, when we bring these international teens together I feel like The Luckiest Man on Earth

Today is the official end of the Just Peace Summit and the official start of getting back to music projects. Tomorrow I'll do TEDxTeen in the morning, then the Red Carpet Book Signing, followed by the Legends of Disco concert at Hammerstein Ballroom.

The next day, rehearsals begin for the Save The Rainforest Concert which will take place on Tuesday at Carnegie Hall. The following week I'll fly to Japan, which starts the spring/summer touring season. This year we'll do more concerts than we have in any calendar year since Bernard and I founded the CHIC Organization.

I'll then go into rehearsals for my musical DoubleTime and I'm also working on yet another big musical/film project. Throughout all of this I'll continue to write the daily blog as the specter of cancer is always looming.

I'm very aware that I just have a little over a year cancer-free. The choices I make are extremely important to me because I'm trading days of my life for them. Even with all that I'm going through physically, technically, and logistically, some days I feel like The Luckiest Man on Earth.


2011 TEDxTeen host, Touré

Wide shot of the Rainforest Orchestra

Carnegie Hall Backstage Sign

Flight plan into Tokyo

The CHIC Organization LTD Box

Actors rehearsing the songs from my musical, Double Time

??? A big musical/film project ???

Picture of me in the emergency room in Melbourne - The specter of cancer is always looming. This was just a few weeks ago

The Luckiest Man on Earth!