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So Much Love In The Room

March 27, 2012

Chilling with some 2012 GTL's

I'll spend most of this week with our 2012 Global Teen Leaders (GTLs) during our Just Peace Summit. It's a function of one of the We Are Family Foundation's initiatives called Three Dot Dash. Teens from all over the world come together for a year long mentoring program. The goals are sustainability, scalability, and media (communications) training to benefit their individual home charity programs.

Since I'm not a program facilitator I get to pop into every course, take notes and answer the GTL's questions. The one thing that I overwhelmingly observe regardless of the session is: the cooperation of the group as a whole and there's So Much Love In The Room.


Natalie Warne and Lisa Lucas lead "Social Media The Age of Information"

The GTLs in the Social Media session

The GTLs listen to presentations from Rachael Chong (Catchafire), Celeste Bottorff (Coca-Cola), Rose J. Flenorl (FedEx)

One of the 2012 GTLs and me during a break

A group of GTLs in an intense discussion during a break

So much love in the room - Oscar nominated film director, Prof Jamal Joseph, giving some film fine points

A GTL finishing up a book during a break

So much love in the room - They really are sisters

One of our 2012 GTLs listening to me during a break - I could feel So Much Love in the Room


Telling a story with music - These are all songs that I've written and/or produced