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Told With Photographs

March 26, 2012

Sir Elton John - a We Are Family Foundation Awardee and an amazing performance

Over the past ten years, the We Are Family Foundation has had some amazing moments. Our annual Just Peace Summit is filled with many of those moments, and this year it's off to a powerful start. Our premier program called Three Dot Dash (morse code for the letter V, the international sign of peace) brings in teens from all over the globe.

3DD is a year long mentoring program. Today, award winning photo journalist Teun Voeten taught our group of Global Teen Leaders "Telling A Story With Photographs." Here's my daily story Told With Photographs.


As I left my building for the JPS, I looked up and took this photo

I took the subway to 28th Street which is two blocks from the Summit's HQ

As I neared the Summit's HQ I noticed the church across the street was surrounded with yellow ribbons

I read this plaque in front of the church which explained the ribbons

When I walked into the Summit's main room, International Award winning Photo Journalist Teun Voeten was teaching Telling A Story With Photographs

The session ended after Teun gave the teens tomorrow's homework assignment

I was snapped in front of one of Teun's powerful photos

I was snapped in front of another one of Teun's most famous photographs

I snapped the Yellow-Peace-Ribbon church across the street because I was so moved by Teun's war photos

I grabbed a shot with Jeni Stepanek, aka Mama Peace or Mattie's Mom, and went home to prepare for the next day


Telling a story with music - These are all songs that I've written and/or produced