Friday, April 12, 2024

Come One Come All Event!

March 22, 2012

Author and TV host Montel Williams and me on The Red Carpet at The Hammerstein Ballroom

In the Red Carpet area of the Hammerstein Ballroom, I'm having a combination Book Signing and concert Before-Party. It will happen on Saturday, March 31st at 4:30 pm. The address is 311 West 34th Street and it's free. I'm doing this because it's an opportunity to meet people in a festive laid back situation. I don't often perform in the NYC area and since it's formally called a "book signing" it's open to the public. I'll do a chat, play a few songs, and then sign some books - or anything else for that matter.

I'm grateful for the support I've gotten from people since I've started my daily cancer blog. Our current music culture has moved further away from the openness of the disco movement that inspired me back in the day. I'm not saying it was better, I'm just saying it was different. Hangout with me before The Legends of Disco concert and you can decide for yourself. And just like back in the day - it's a Come One Come All Event!


Diana Ross and Michael Jackson enjoying the openness of the disco movement

The Full Early CHIC Org

Luther Vandross performing live with CHIC back in the day

Keeping the spirit of the disco movement alive today!