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See You On The Dance Floor!

March 2, 2012

Here's our Australian tour book

Here's our Australian tour book. The Playground Weekender was rained out (sad face). Now our first gig will be Monday, March 5 at The Metro Theatre, 624 George Street, Sydney.

I've gotten the promoter to agree to allow me to have a FREE BOOK SIGNING before the concert. It will begin at 17:00. We didn't travel all this way to let you or ourselves down.

If you were planning to go to the Playground Weekender please come to The Metro. We will funk TWICE AS HARD to keep you dancing to the point of delirium.

Here's the current set list (and the artists I originally did them with to refresh your memory). We'll also keep some other gems in reserve just in case you still have an ounce of energy left at the end of the night. See You On The Dance Floor!


Hover over the dots and enjoy!

Hover over the dots and enjoy!