Friday, June 14, 2024

So Little Time

February 19, 2012

Last year's CHIC Organization Japan Set List

I'm putting together the song list for my shows coming up in less than two weeks in Australia. I've been thinking about adding a few songs because they were #1 singles for many weeks Down Under.

Throughout the world, most people don't know what music I've been responsible for. Maybe this tour could serve as a getting-to-know-me tour because it's my first time performing in Australia?

The best way to get-to-know me is my memoir Le Freak and I was thinking of doing a combination book and concert tour.

I'm going to write my promoter and publisher to see if they've got open-minds and if I can possibly pull this off with So Little Time.

CHIC "Le Freak" - #1 in Australia for five weeks

Diana Ross "Upside Down" - #1 in Australia for four weeks

INXS "Original Sin" - #1 in Australia for two weeks

Madonna "Like A Virgin" - #1 in Australia for Five Weeks

Madonna - "Angel / Into The Groove" - #1 for four weeks in Australia

David Bowie / Mick Jagger "Dancin in the Streets" - #1 in Australia for two weeks

The CHIC Organization and Seal performing together on our last tour