Friday, December 01, 2023

Absurdly Funky

February 11, 2012

Me in my apartment in the 80's, where I developed most of my ideas

I was offline most of the day yesterday because I was engrossed in a voluminous amount of unreleased tapes from the 80's. I have nine boxes filled with Nile Rodgers Production's tapes.

Typically, when I was working on my various solo projects, many songs would have the same name but were different songs. I'd start with an idea, give the song a working title, and by the end of the process it could be a very different song musically.

On some of the songs, I'd get Bernard Edwards to play. The great thing about finding all this music is the sheer amount of recording I did. I'd basically go to the studio everyday.

Over the next few months I'm going to finish a few of these projects and release them, because some of these songs are Absurdly Funky.

Me in '85 a few months before Live Aid

Me & Bernard Edwards in the Power Station in the 80's

Here's an unreleased 80's rough mix of a song from the film Alphabet City

Here's an unreleased 80's master tape

Here's an unreleased 80's master of songs from a Fonzi Thornton album

Here are all the Sony digital multi-tracks from the unreleased 80's soundtrack Alphabet City

Here's an unreleased 80's analog multitrack of two CHIC Organization songs

These are unreleased 80's demos that are Absurdly Funky

Alphabet City (1984) Trailer :: Uploaded by jeremizle