Friday, June 14, 2024

Wow. Time Flies!

February 10, 2012

Me and Paula Abdul in the studio with my engineer Gary Tole

Yesterday I got a visit from two friends I'd not seen in almost twenty years. They were Oliver Leiber, son of the famed composer Jerry Leiber (of the mega songwriting team Leiber and Stoller), and filmmaker Anouk Nora. Oliver, whom I've know most of my life, burst on the scene with two Paula Abdul #1 songs "Forever Your Girl" and "Opposites Attract."

I worked with Paula on the film Coming to America. I scored the film and she choreographed the African tribal dance scene.

Oliver's brother is Jed Leiber, who co-wrote with me and Jeff Beck the score to a film called Blue Chips, starring Nick Nolte and Shaquille O'Neal.

Anouk and I used to be very tight when her family owned the premier resort in St. Martin called La Samanna. She was partnered with filmmaker Marcus Nispel back in the day. We did Olé Olé "Soldados del Amor ft. Marta Sanchez." Wow. Time Flies!

Oliver Leiber and Anouk Nora

Jed Leiber and Elton John at Jed's studio

Anouk and me

Marta Sanchez

Paula Abdul "Opposites Attract"

"Coming to America" African tribal dance - scored by me, choreographed by Paula Abdul

Music co-written by me, Jed Lieber and Jeff Beck from the movie Blue Chips

Olé Olé "Soldados de Amor feat. Martha Sanchez" - You can hear my guitar come in at 3:30.