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Lady Gaga Debuts New Song in Tom Ford Video

By Josh Duboff

October 2nd, 2015

After a period of (relative) career dormancy, Lady Gaga is having a bit of a renaissance this year. She received rave reviews for her Oscar-night performance in February, and spent most of the summer touring with Tony Bennett, on the heels of their album release; she was just named Billboard’s Woman of the Year, a year after Taylor Swift received the same honor; and she’ll be starring in Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Show this fall. Another sign that Gaga is truly back on the pop-cultural radar: Tom Ford selected her to star in (and provide the music for) his spring/summer 2016 presentation.

The designer opted to showcase his collection this year in a three-minute video clip, and Gaga is the dominant force, strutting and gallivanting in a variety of dresses and ensembles, among a throng of models. She seems to be having a great time, and the whole effect is like you’re watching the people you’d be too scared to approach at a party, who all manage to appear staggeringly cool even while dancing exuberantly. The song is a new Gaga and Nile Rodgers version of Chic’s “I Want Your Love,” and will surely whet the collective appetite of the Little Monster community for the rumored (and teased) “LG5,” which is how Gaga has been referring to her imminent fifth album.


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