Chanson Don't Hold Back/Chanson 1978 (I)
Players Association Everybody Dance 1979 (C) CHIC-Everybody Dance
Charanga 76 Mi Amor Prohibido 1979 (C) CHIC-My Forbidden Lover
Sugarhill Gang Rappers Delight 1979 (S) CHIC-Good Times
Sam Brothers Five feat. Daddy Good Rockin' Sam S.A.M./selftitled 1979 (I)
Vaughan Mason & Crew Bounce, Rock, Skate And Roll 1979 (S) CHIC-Good Times
Charanga 76 Somos Familia 1979 (C) Sister Sledge-We Are Family
Change Glow Of Love (LP) 1980 (I) Featuring Luther Vandross on vocals
Aquarian Dream Dirty Trick/Chance To Dance 1980 (I)
Machine Machine Introduction/Moving On 1980 (I)
Roy Reid (I-Roy) Jive Time + Alphabet/Whap'n Bap'n 1980 (S) CHIC-Good Times
Casper Casper's Groovy Ghost Show 1980 (I)
Ndugu & The Chocolate Jam Co. Send You My Love * 1980 (I)
Ewa Kuklinska Boutique + Pokochaj Mnie 1980 (C) CHIC-Le Freak + I Want Your Love
Kurtis Blow The Breaks 1980 (I)
Skyy Here's To You/Skyyport 1980 (I)
Queen Another One Bites The Dust 1980 (I) CHIC-Good Times
The Clash The Magnificent Seven/Sandinista 1980 (I) Bernard's bassplay
Robert Wyatt At Last I Am Free * 1980 (C) CHIC-At Last I Am Free
Rene & Angela I Love You More/Wall To Wall 1981 (I)
Brotherhood Of Man Le Freak 1981 (C) CHIC-Le Freak
Blondie Rapture 1981 (I) CHIC-Good Times
Fantasy Fantasy (LP) 1981 (I) Norma Jean & Luci Martin on backing vocals.
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel 1981 (S) CHIC-Good Times
Change Miracles (LP) 1981 (I) Featuring Diva Gray on vocals
T.S. Monk Everybody Get On Up And Dance/More Of The Good Life 1981 (I)
Linx Intuition (LP) 1981 (I)
Clash This Is Radio Clash 1981 (I)
BBQ Band On The Beat 1981 (I)
Brian Eno & David Byrne Regiment 1981 (I) CHIC-Good Times
Linx Go Ahead (LP) 1981 (I) Nile is also featured on the track Tinsel Town
Ritchie Family I'll Do My Best (LP) 1982 (I) Vocal Tracks co-produced by Fonzi Thornton
Odyssey Together/Happy Together 1982 (I) Track written by Nile & Nard, they also play on it.
Zzzang Tumb En Gång Till 1982 (I)
Skyy Call Me/Skyy Line 1982 (I) Nile's guitar play
Kleeer Taste The Music (LP) 1982 (I) Saying hello to Nile & Bernard in the thanking notes.
BBQ Band All Night Long (LP) 1982 (I)
High Fashion Feelin' Lucky (LP) 1982 (I) Lead & Backing vocals conducted by Fonzi Thornton. Feat. Diva Gray, Michelle Cobbs & Fonzi on back-up vocals.
Timezone (feat. Afrika Bambaata) Wildstyle 1983 (S) CHIC-Good Times
Gang Of Four Is It Love 1983 (I) featuring Alfa & Luci on vocals (UK production)
Club House SuperGood 1983 (S) CHIC-Good Times mixed together with Stevie Wonders Superstition (Italian production)
Indeep When Boys Talk 1983 (I)
Mats Ronander 50/50 (LP) 1984 (I) Nile Rodgers guitar (Swedish artist)
Cercle Of New York Meddley CHIC* 1984 (C) CHIC-Le Freak, Dance x 3, Rebels Are We, You Are Beautiful, Stage Fright, Believer, Good Times. (French production)
Scritti Politti Wood Beez 1984 (I) Fonzi Thornton on backing vocals
Mai Tai History (LP) 1985 (I)
Isabelle Antena Easy Street/En Cavale 1986 (C) Sister Sledge-Easy Street (Belgian artist)
Zette Le Freak 1987 (C) CHIC-Le Freak
Frieda Disco Lover 1987 (I) Nile Rodgers guitar & quoting SS' 'He's The Greatest Dancer'
P4F Notorious Medley With Le Freak 12" 1987 (S) CHIC-Le Freak (Italian production)
Paul Rutherford I Want Your Love 1989 (C) CHIC-I Want Your Love
Andrew Ridgely Hangin'/Son Of Albert 1990 (C) CHIC-Hangin' (the other Wham guy)
Earth People Dance 1990 (S) CHIC-Dance, Dance, Dance
Maureen Thinking Of You 1990 (C) Sister Sledge-Thinking Of You (UK artist)
Real Man Spacer 1990 (C) Sheila & B. Devotion-Spacer
Moccasoul Why 1990 (C) Carly Simon-Why (French production)
Digital Underground Doowutchyalike 1990 (S) CHIC-Good Times
Corn Dollies Freak 1990 (C) CHIC-Le Freak
Linda Wesley Spacer 1991 (C) Sheila & B. Devotion-Spacer
Red Hot Chili Peppers Under The Bridge/Blood Sugar Sex Magik 1991 (I) Norma Jean-I Like Love
Precious Wilson Spacer 1992 (C) Sheila & B. Devotion-Spacer
Father MC Everything's Gonna Be Alright 1992 (S) CHIC-Good Times
Boogie Down Productions 13 & Good 1992 (S) CHIC-Good Times
Sheila (former '& B. Devotion) Spacer (remix by Dimitri from Paris) 1992 (C) Sheila & B. Devotion-Spacer
Rue Paul Everybody Dance 1993 (C) CHIC-Everybody Dance
Evolution Everybody Dance 1993 (C) CHIC-Everybody Dance
Aquarius Let's Get Down 1993 (S) CHIC-I Want Your Love
Systematic Spacer 1993 (C) Sheila & B. Devotion-Spacer
The Fall Lost In Music 1993 (C) Sister Sledge-Lost In Music
Ketty DB Spacer 1994 (C) Sheila & B. Devotion-Spacer
Ebony Vibe Everlasting We Are Family 1995 (C) Sister Sledge-We Are Family
Anita Lane Lost In Music/Dirty Pearl 1995 (C) Sister Sledge-Lost In Music
Paul Taylor I Want Your Love/On The Horn 1995 (C) CHIC-I Want Your Love
Spectrum feat. Felicia Sorensen I Want Your Love/Dance With Me 1995 (C) CHIC-I Want Your Love
Sheila (former '& B. Devotion') Your Love Is Good/Greatest Hits 1995 (C) Sheila & B. Devotion-Your Love Is Good
Blaxone Good Times 1996 (C) CHIC-Good Times
Fugees Refugees On The Mic 1996 (S) CHIC-Good Times
Groove Club Upside Down 1996 (C) Diana Ross-Upside Down
Jedi Knights One For M.A.W./New School Science 1996 (I)
Turntable Brothers The Tender Star/MK II Ep 1996 (S) Diana Ross-Tenderness
Zhané Good Times 1997 (C) CHIC-Good Times
Nick Holder Greatest Dancer 1997 (S) Sister Sledge-He's The Greatest Dancer
The Beat Criminals Grand Larceny 1997 (S) CHIC-Le Freak
2 Brothers on the 4th Floor I'm Thinkin' of U 1997 (C) Sister Sledge-Thinking Of You (Dutch outfit)
East 57th Street Saturday 1997 (C) Norma Jean-Saturday
Moodymann I Can't Kick This Feeling When It Hits/Silent Introduction 1997 (S) CHIC-I Want Your Love
Big Bub feat. Queen Latifah & Heavy D Need Your Love/Timeless 1997 (S) CHIC-I Want Your Love
Jamiroquai feat. Diana Ross Upside Down (live at BritAwards) 1997 (C) Diana Ross-Upside Down
MC Lyte Cold Rock A Party 1997 (S) Diana Ross-Upside Down
The Notorious B.I.G. Mo Money Mo Problems * 1997 (S) Diana Ross-I'm Coming Out
Will Smith Gettin' Jiggy Wit It * 1997 (S) Sister Sledge-He's The Greatest Dancer
Nutta Butta feat. Teddy Riley & Anonymous Freak Out 1998 (C) CHIC-Le Freak
Faith Evans Love Like This * 1998 (S) CHIC-CHIC Cheer
Sheila (former '& B. Devotion') Spacer 98 (remix) 1998 (C) Sheila & B. Devotion-Spacer
The Spice Girls We Are Family (live) 1998 (C) Sister Sledge-We Are Family
DJ Tonka Disco Dancin'/The House Of Disco 1998 (S) Sister Sledge-He's The Greatest Dancer
Kings Of Tomorrow I Want You (For Myself) 1998 (S) Sister Sledge-Thinking Of You
Ron Smith Will You Be Free? 1998 (S) CHIC-A Warm Summer Night
Ultra Nate New Kind Of Medecine 1998 (I)
Roger Sanchez feat. Twilight I Want Your Love 1998 (C) CHIC-I Want Your Love
Island Groove feat. Keith Thompson Deep Love (2nd vocal mix) 1998 (S) CHIC-My Forbidden Lover
Fused Uncle Sam 12" (Mousse T. remix) 1998 (S) ?
Beverly Knight Made It Back * 1998 (S) CHIC-So Fine
Navigators Superstar * 1999 (S) CHIC-I Want Your Love
Nerio's Dub Work feat. Darryl Pandy Sunshine And Happiness 12" 1999 (S) CHIC-My Forbidden Lover
Le Knight Club Boogie Shell 1999 (S) Sister Sledge-You Fooled Around
Beverly Knight Made It Back 99 (remix) 1999 (S) CHIC-Good Times
Nerio's Dubwork feat. Darryl Pandy Feel It 12" 1999 (I)
Funk Legacy What You Gonna Do Baby 1999 (S) CHIC-Chip Off The Old Block
Liquid Measure feat. Jocelyn Brown Take Me Up 12" (remix by the Pasta Boys) 1999 (I)
BB Band Good Times/I Will Always Love You Soundtrack 1999 (C) CHIC-Good Times
Eclipse Makes Me Love You 1999 (S) Sister Sledge-Thinking Of You
Funk Legacy Electronet 1999 (S) CHIC-My Forbidden Lover
Beenie Man Good Times 1999 (C) CHIC-Good Times
Clepto-Maniacs 2 X-Press 1999 (I)
Spacedust Good Things 1999 (S) Sister Sledge-Thinking Of You
Lucy Pearl Don't Mess With My Man/Lucy Pearl 2000 (I)
Blacknuss Allstars feat. Nai-Jee-Ria Thinking Of You * 2000 (C) Sister Sledge-Thinking Of You
Romina Johnson feat. Luci Martin & Norma Jean My Forbidden Lover 2000 (C) CHIC-My Forbidden Lover
Nobody's Angel We Are Family (Angel's Style) 2000 (C) Sister Sledge-We Are Family
Curtis Lynch JNR feat. Kele Le Roc & Red Hat Thinking Of You 2000 (C) Sister Sledge-Thinking Of You
Alcazar Crying At The Discotheque 2000 (S) Sheila & B. Devotion-Spacer
Big Time Charlie Mr. Devil 2000 (S) CHIC-My Forbidden Lover
Gamba Freaks Down, Down, Down 2000 (S) Sister Sledge-One More Time
Poor Righteous Teachers I Swear Ta God 2000 (S) CHIC-Le Freak
Alcazar Sexual Guarantee * 2000 (S) CHIC-My Forbidden Lover
Envers Du Plan/Matt Fisher/Jesse Kegan I Want Your Love/Café Del Mar 20th Anniversary 2000 (C) CHIC-I Want Your Love
Plaything Into Space 2000 (S) Sheila & B. Devotion-Spacer
Altered Beast Ghost Train 2000 (S) Sister Sledge-Pretty Baby
Rhythm Section feat. Donald O Do You Know 12" 2000 (S) CHIC-My Forbidden Lover
Steps Stomp 2000 (I) CHIC-Everybody Dance
Ronny Jordan Why/A Brighter Day 2000 (C) Carly Simon-Why
Joey Negro feat. Taka Boom Saturday 2000 (C) Norma Jean-Saturday
The Goodfellas Soul Heaven 12" 2000 (I)
Modjo Lady (hear me tonight) * 2000 (S) CHIC-Soup For One
Junior Jack My Feeling 2000 (S) Sister Sledge-One More Time
Deepah Ones feat. Jasper Street Company Dancin' 12" 2000 (S) CHIC-?
Tony Touch feat. Total I Wonder Why (He's The GreaLtest DJ) 2000 (S) Sister Sledge-He's The Greatest Dancer
H2O Got To Be Me 12" 2000 (I)
Destinys Child Upside Down (live) 2000 (C) Diana Ross-Upside Down
Basement Jaxx Jus 1 Kiss 2001 (S) CHIC-You Can't Do It Alone
Jamie-Lynn Sigler I'm Coming Out 2001 (C) Diana Ross-I'm Coming Out
Isley Brothers Warm Summer Night 2001 (C) CHIC-A Warm Summer Night
Now Warm It's In The Music 2001 (S) CHIC-My Forbidden Lover
2 DJs at Work Promises 12" 2001 (I)
Layton & Stone Better World 2001 (S) Sister Sledge-He's The Greatest Dancer
Modjo Chillin' 2001 (S) CHIC-Le Freak
Sandy Rivera Class Is In Session 12" 2001 (I) CHIC like guitars
Mighty High Good Times 2001 (C) CHIC-Good Times
Fatman Scoop feat. Crooklyn Clan & Faith Evans Be Faithful 2001 (S) CHIC-CHIC Cheer (released in the UK in 2003)
Stella Brown Never Knew Love 12" 2001 (I) or (S) ??
Various Artists ReChic: Chic Remixes CD 2001 (C) of various CHIC songs done by Japanese DJ's
Black Coffee Supersoul Deluxe 2001 (I)
Demon Ray You Touch Me Baby  2002 (S) Sister Sledge-Got To Love Somebody
Kluster My Love (Junior Jack Remix) 2002 (S) Sister Sledge-You Fooled Around
Mary J. Blige No More Drama (Remix by P. Diddy) 2002 (S) CHIC-Just Out Of Reach
Ed Case Good Times/Ed's Guest List 2002 (C) CHIC-Good Times
Horny United Let's Stay Together 2002 (S) Sheila & B. Devotion-Spacer
The Countdown Kids Good Times/Boogie Oogie Dance Party 2002 (C) CHIC-Good Times
Amerie I'm Coming Out/Maid In Manhattan Soundtrack 2002 (C) Diana Ross-I'm Coming Out
The Countdown Kids We Are Family/Boogie Oogie Dance Party 2002 (C) Sister Sledge-We Are Family
The Countdown Kids Everybody Dance/Boogie Oogie Dance Party 2002 (C) CHIC-Everybody Dance
Significant Others feat. Jocelyn Brown Gotta Be J.B. * 2002 (S) CHIC-Chip Off The Old Block
Mariadele Se Tu Mi Vuoi (single mix) 2002 (S) CHIC-I Want Your Love
Jive Bunny & the Mastermixers We Are Family 2002 (C) Sister Sledge-We Are Family
Justin Timberlake Rock Your Body/Justified 2002 (I)
Starfire Why? 2002 (C) Carly Simon-Why (German outfit)
Wackside Lost In Music 2003 (C) Sister Sledge-Lost In Music
Disco Queens Good Times/Disco Queens 2003 (C) CHIC-Good Times
Disco Queens Le Freak/Disco Queens 2003 (C) CHIC-Le Freak
Wackside Le Freak 2003 (C) CHIC-Le Freak
Stylophonic Soul Reply * 2003 (S) CHIC-Sometimes You Win
Alcazar I Go Shopping * 2003 (S) CHIC-What About Me
Alcazar Dancefloor Docusoap 2003 (S) CHIC-I Want Your Love
Mariah Carey Emotions (White Label Disco Remix) 2003 (S) Diana Ross-Tenderness
Nodesha  Get It When It's Hot  2003 (S) CHIC-I Want Your Love 
Natasha Thomas Why 2003 (C) Carly Simon-Why
Mark Drummond & Grooveometri So Fine 2003 (C) CHIC-So Fine (unreleased)
Elizabeth Fraser At Last I Am Free/Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This Before 2003 (C) CHIC-At Last I Am Free
Paul Weller Forty Days and Forty Nights 2004? (C) Sister Sledge-? (not released yet)
Alcazar This Is The World We Live In 2004 (S) Diana Ross-Upside Down
Joe Budden Body Hot 2004 (S) CHIC-Good Times
Common Difference Top Of The World Pt. 2/The Alarm Clock 2004 (S) CHIC-Savoir Faire
Danny Howells & Dick Trevor Dusk Till Dawn (Shapeshifter's remix) 2004 (S) Sheila & B. Devotion-Don't Go
Kevin Lyttle ' I Got It ' from his selftitled new album 2004 (S) Diana Ross' CHIC written ' Upside Down '